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Endurance Wheat-free, dairy-free banana muffins
Hardy bits of nutrition and energy for a day of work and play

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Chris Carmicheal's Fitness Cookbook
by Chris Carmichael
Not only some great recipes but good suggestions as we move from base training to tempo training

Welcome to Endurance Nutrition Online!

Our goal at Endurance Nutrition Online is to help you, the endurance athlete, make smart nutrional choices.  These smart nutritional choices include not only your daily eating but also your training and racing nutrition.  When you find yourself out there racing for 2+ hours such as during a 1/2 marathon, a triathlon,  an adventure race, you name your endurance sport - your nutritional requirements can make the difference between achieving your goal or not. 

Endurance Nutrition Online was founded by Melissa Spooner, a 3-time Ironman Champion and Nutritionist. It is her goal to help you achieve your goal, get you to the finish line at your best ability through pro-active eating.

At Endurance Nutrition Online we believe that your Sports Nutrition includes:

  • Daily Nutrition - to ensure that you are getting the basics through real food
  • Training Nutrition - to ensure that you are getting the fuel during your activity in order to perform to your own personal standards
  • Recovery Nutrition - to ensure that you can get up and do it all over again tomorrow
  • Race Day Nutrition - to ensure that you have a plan for race day so you can spend your energy on other race day situation

Come on in and take a look!

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Nutrition Packages
Online or in person, we have have plans to fit your Sports Nutrition Needs -let us help you get to the finish line feeling strong! More »
Metabolic Testing
VO2MAX is a measure of the volume of oxygen your body is utilizing at a given exercise intensity, and is an important measure for endurance athletes. More »

Ironman Qualifier:
"Your nutrition advice was so great! Without your input I don't think I could have gotten my Kona Slot. Everything has to come together on race day, this is the first year I took my nutrition seriously, and look what happened. Thank you again!"
- Carlos Mendoza IM AZ 2006

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